Wales Door Knocking

By Kathryn Wild, Project Manager

Rotherham Federation in partnership with the Rotherham Borough Council completed a door knock exercise in early February 2020. The purpose of the door knock was to gain feedback on Ward Housing Hubs and explain their introduction to local tenants. As well as knocking on the doors of tenants, we had 2 community centres as bases at Peregrin Way in Harthill and Viking Way. The bases were for workers involved in the door knock but they also gave an opportunity for local tenants to come into the centre and talk to the council directly.

With the use of the Neighbourhood team, Housing team, Finance Inclusion team, Tenancy support and Employment solutions as well as local Councillors and Rotherham Federation, it was a great example of partnership work. Coming together gave the teams the opportunity to knock on 370 doors in just 2 days as well as a chance to talk in person with partners about local issues. Following the door knocking activity, 2 council tenants have presented themselves to Rotherham Federation about wanting to get involved in supporting their areas and we are currently discussing with them the best ways to proceed.