Tenant Involvement: Crafty Talk

Crafty Talk are a local craft group based at Manor Lodge on Highlow View in Brinsworth, S60 5JD. They meet every Monday and Thursday from 10am-12pm.

Working with RotherFed, Rotherham Council and local Neighbourhood Offices, they have undertaken a project to repurpose the old laundry at their Neighbourhood Centre into a functional storage room for the group. The group supported by RotherFed staff and Rotherham Council neighbourhood offices applied to the ward housing hubs to provide Crafty Talk with a dedicated space to store their supplies and materials.

Crafty Talk is a busy community group comprised of around 15 passionate individuals who share a love for arts, crafts, and creativity, they meeting two mornings per week. They aim to provide a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together, exchange ideas, and engage in various craft activities. Crafty Talk faced a common challenge many communities groups encounter, limited space for storing their craft supplies and equipment in the community centre. This constraint reduced their ability to expand the range of activities on offer. Recognizing this need, Crafty Talk started to look to find a suitable solution that would optimize their workspace and give them some much needed storage.

The project has provided Crafty Talk with an essential resource. The dedicated space now enables the group to store their craft supplies, tools, and materials conveniently, allowing them to expand their activities and serve the community more effectively. The transformation has not only improved Crafty Talk’s operational efficiency but has also contributed to a more organized and inspiring environment for their members and visitors.

Crafty Talk’s continuing collaboration with RotherFed, Rotherham Council and Neighbourhood Offices perfectly shows the power of community engagement and resourceful problem-solving. By repurposing an unused space in the centre into a practical storage area, the group has enhanced their ability to engage in creative activities and positively impact the community. This inspiring project serves as a testament to the transformative potential hidden within our neighbourhoods and highlights the significance of collective efforts in building vibrant and resilient communities.