Swinburne Social Club BBQ

By Rob Gooding, Community Organiser

On Saturday 28th August Swinburne Social club held their BBQ fundraiser, this was supported by both the HRA and Lottery RotherFed staff teams in both the planning and delivery, this event was first thought of a year ago during the first lockdown as a way of bringing community spirit back to Swinburne place and increasing the group’s membership. Due to restrictions we never managed to hold the event, the group felt that now restrictions had lifted this was a perfect time to hold it, the group held a raffle as well as serving food.

The event was a huge success being attended by 23 people and raising the group £78 which will be used towards the first daytrip that the group will arrange. Winston treated attendees to some homemade South African dishes including sausages and spiced chicken. After the event the group decided it was such a success that they plan to make this an annual event.

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