Springwell Tenants and Residents Association

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

The Springwell Tenants and Residents Association have now sent out their first newsletter after a lot of hard work and deliberation it appears to have been a successful release for the group.

They have received early feedback from the newsletter from a handful of residents on suggesting that the newsletter had been presented professionally by the group. Within each newsletter was a membership form to be returned to the TARA if they wish to sign up. The group has seen it’s membership slowly grow over the last few weeks since membership was available and are hopeful that it will continue to grow.

The group have found a treasurer and are currently in the process of signing up the treasurer in order to become a fully constituted group. This will be a positive leap forward that opens doorways for the TARA to receive more support and funding. Additionally, a group Bank account is currently being set up for funding which is another step towards a positive self-sustaining group.

Plans are currently in the works to create a 20th anniversary celebratory street party for residents.

The group have also started a petition for a vote of no confidence in their housing association representative receiving 40 signatures to date and the petition is remaining within the community as the fight for living standards to be upheld continues. Street representatives and residents’ meetings saw a combined total of 14 attendees discussing issues in the local area.

The TARA is channelling community issues such as crime, Anti-social behaviour and illegal activities into productive incident reporting processes that ultimately bring more police attention to the estate.

The Springwell forum is to be hosted for a 3rd time on July 24th, 2019 to which it sees environmental health and the new RMBC housing officer attending the meeting to help solve the issues within the area.

Additionally, the TARA has found its first RMBC tenant giving a small insight into council housing issues creating a more diverse pool of membership within the TARA. With the housing associations confirming their attendance to the coming meeting the hope from the group is that residents’ issues are resolved amicably, and a relationship of trust can be established so the estate of Springwell Gardens can be restored to the proud area it once was.