Social Supermarket at Rotherham Minister

Since the Making Your Money Go Further project started, we have linked with social supermarket and after meeting with Christine from Time builders, MOMGF will now be in the social supermarket, on Wednesday and Thursday to help members make their money go further, give advice, and help with budgeting. The first day at Social Supermarket went really well. we had 6, 1:1 meaningful conversations, with a mix of members and volunteers. I was introduced in the morning team meeting and asked to explain what we do.

Through the day, some people just wanted a quick chat, to say hello and find out what we are doing, others approached for help. We really need to start building relationships and trust with people before they will start to tell us what issues they are facing, this will involve us being there regularly. One of the questions I was asked by nearly everyone I spoke to was ‘are you here next week?’

We have managed to change the diaries about, so I am there, this has been welcome news for everyone at Social Supermarket. We have also received some great feedback from one of the volunteers following the session.

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