Rawmarsh – New Group

By Rachel Cole, Projects Officer

Whilst out on a walkabout of Rawmarsh a few weeks ago I got chatting to some council tenants who would like some help to set up a Neighbourhood Watch group.  They are having a few problems with drugs and a couple of the residents who live on the street.  An application for a CCTV camera on the street, where people seem to be dealing the drugs, has been put in for through the Ward Housing Hub.

I have designed a leaflet and this week distributed this to over 100 houses around the area asking if other residents are interested in getting involved in this group.  Once residents have got back to me, I will organise a meeting to move the group forwards at the local neighbourhood centre on Turner Close at the end of June.  I have spoken to RMBC staff and Councillors and they are willing to get involved in this group which is great.  The local PSCO’s will also be asked to attend for their support.

I am hoping this will be successful group which once I have helped to set up, they will become active on their own.  It will also be another group using the Turner Close Centre.

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