Peregrine Way Tenant and Resident Association

By Rob Gooding, Community Engagement Officer

In a heartwarming display of dedication to their community, members of Peregrine Way Tenant and Resident Association, working with RotherFed staff and Rotherham Council Neighbourhood teams have gone above and beyond this month. Their commitment to the local centre in Harthill, Rotherham, has been evident as they lovingly completed a makeover of the centre.

The centre has received a fresh lease on life, thanks to the funds provided by the TARA members. Not stopping at a lick of paint and a spring clean, they arranged a thorough deep cleaning of the soft furnishings revitalising the space for all who use it and bringing the carpet and chairs back to their former glory and prolonging the life of the items.

The group arranged for local trades people to undertake the work to bolster the pride in the area for the centre and ensure that local people are talking about the amazing projects that are held there.