Litter Picking with Equans and Sanctuary Housing

In the Dalton area of Rotherham there is a large housing development, creating a combination of new affordable housing for private owners and social housing. Part of the Corporate responsibility of the two firms involved is to ensure that their staff are required to get involved in social action locally. The firms have chosen to organize litter picks around the site to give them a visible presence within the community. They have asked the Heart of the Community project to support the work as we can link them in with local services to promote their work as well as linking them to the community groups that are already active in the area.

All levels of employees are expected to take as part of their contract from management right down to construction. The people from the team that we have met so far have been surprised at how rewarding the simple task of litter picking has been and some have even described how addictive it can be and “make you want to make sure everything that you can see has been removed.”

Hi All,

A massive thank you for this morning with 30 bags collected and I’ve reported a number of other issues.

I’ve had two residents ring up so far to say thank you.

Feedback from local elected member of RMBC

Dear All,

Just some feedback from last week’s litter pick.

Sam from RotherFed found a large nitrous oxide dispenser which has been fed back through our community action partnership to the police and arrangements have been made to have the bushes cut back where it was found.

On Silver Street a large quantity of rubbish was spotted including a fridge and old swimming pool. Following enquiries around this a vulnerable tenant has been identified and RMBC housing officers are engaging to assist with some difficulties they are having,

Again, many thanks for helping sort.

Feedback from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

What seems like a small task can uncover some major social issues and by working in partnership we help communities tackle nuisance issues and exist in cleaner and safer environment.