Heart of the Community Roadshow

As part of the Heart of the Community project we will be delivering Roadshow around the community. Engaging with local people to tell them more about our plans for the next three years and to uncover the little acts of kindness already happening.

For our first outing we took our stand to Tesco at Wharncliffe, armed with leaflets and chocolate we made our debut.

Being our first event we were unsure of how to approach the promotion. We decided to take a passive approach and not to overly give out the leaflets, we didn’t want Tesco to end up with leaflets all over their car park, especially as it was our first time working in store and Tesco’s is one of the main assets to the community at Wharncliffe. We engaged with 8 individuals and recorded 8 #littleactsofkindness, as well as speaking to 2 young people that are interested in giving their time to volunteering.

Kyle wants to be able to help others and use his community experience to achieve employment. Chloe wants to get involved to fill her spare time with a hobby as she works 9 – 5. Both are open to volunteering and traveling outside of their areas.

We also spoke to a gentleman in need of energy support, from what he told us he was in a position that he felt that he had to make a choice “Heat or Eat” however didn’t want to be contacted just wanted financial help to pay the rising energy bills. However we could not persuade him to be contacted by either our Money Management or Energy Know How teams that could help him.