Friendship Calls Participant – Jack

Jack has been a regular on the calls for almost 12 months now, he lives with mental health and physical pain, he does have some contact with family but nobody who he can just chat to. When Jack initially came to us he was attending an introduction to anxiety class and hoping to be able to do more in the community in the future.

John started on weekly calls but as he has started to get out a little he now checks in with his regular volunteer once a fortnight. They get on amazing as in the past the volunteer has had his own mental health issues so he is able to understand and show empathy and understanding. When they chat, they talk about many things and often put the world to rights. Jack really likes current affairs and likes to watch various news programmes which he likes to discuss. He likes that he can get different views on different situations and likes to stay open minded about things.

John is slowly starting to get out more now and goes on walks with his dog and sometimes with his sister, his OCD is improving and anxiety reducing, he says himself that the calls have been a lifeline and he really hopes that in the not too distant future he won’t require the calls. He says he will miss the volunteer but thinks it’s a step forward for him to not be in the house as much.