Friendship Call Volunteer – Roy

Roy has been volunteering for us for about 5 weeks but has quickly established 3 calls a week, which he commits to with enthusiasm and gusto! He loves the fact he is able to empathise from his own mental health situation with others and give companionship where needed.

Here are a few quotes –

“I really enjoyed my chat with Michael. We’re both sports nuts so we had loads to talk about. In football he’s Leeds United and I’m Barnsley so there was some very gentle ribbing both ways about that!”

“Smashing fella, he was on the phone for about 40 minutes and I barely got a word in! Joking aside, we had a really good chat about music and some of the gigs / concerts he went to when he was younger. Would love to speak to him again.”

“He got a bit upset at one point when we spoke about his family as he’s hardly seen his grandkids / great grandkids as he is effectively shielding due to COVID worries. We turned it around though and ended on a positive note.”

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