Friendship Call Volunteer – Carol

Carol recently starting volunteering with us, she has been making the befriending calls for a month now. She original came after a social prescriber thought she would be a good fit to receive the calls, we did the initial assessment and very quickly realised that volunteering would suit her perfectly. 

Carol said she was in a negative mind space as her children were in full time school and she had lost her focus in life. She realised that making the phone calls would be the perfect fit for her, as she could do the calls while her children in school. She was originally apprehensive about making the calls as she wasn’t sure what conversation topics would be. After her first call she rang and was so over the moon as the conversation flowed naturally and she loved every second of it.

Carol originally asked to make 2 or 3 calls a week, by the end of her first day she had made over 10 calls and now averages 10+ calls a week. She said she is now beginning to feel like her old self again and has found a new passion for life.