Friendship Call Participant – Millie

Millie was originally referred to us in July 2021 from RDash. Millie is a lovely lady in her fifties who lives with her husband. Millie as numerous clinical issues and is under the mental health team as she cannot regulate her emotions. Millie was placed with volunteer Christina, and they started to build up a great rapport. Unfortunately, Christina has recently fallen ill and due to Millie’s complex mental health, she was unable to be placed with a volunteer who would be able to chat to Millie in a way that can regulate her emotions and prevent her from becoming attached. Jane – one of the volunteer coordinators picked up the case and has been calling Millie on a regular basis. Millie then started to ring Jane whenever she needed someone to talk to and this was becoming a problem. Jane had to inform Millie that the service that we provided was not to support individuals and that there were profession boundaries that needed to be adhered to and that she could not keep calling. Millie advised that she would like to attend the buffet lunch that was held on 28th January, and Millie asked if Jane could support her throughout the event. It was again explained to Millie that this was not possible, however, she could be met at the door and introduced to other people. Millie arrived at the venue, was met by Jane then after introductions, and was sat at a table with 3 other people that she did not know. When it was time to leave, Millie informed Jane that she had had such a good time and that she was so glad that she had been given the opportunity of meeting some new people. Arrangements were made to call the following week, but after this call, Millie will be placed with another volunteer who has extensive experience in this field, she is very happy to do it as her confidence levels have now started increasing.