Friendship Call Participant – Joy

Joy has been receiving calls since November 2021. She has mobility issues so cannot get around quickly. She has not been out of the house much since Covid started and she hasn’t shown any interest in going out.

Joy does not own a tv instead she spends her time listening to the radio and colouring.

She has incredibly supportive neighbours and friends who do her shopping and even organised for a vicar to come to her house to do communion with her which she hasn’t had in over 2 years! 

Joy speaks to the same volunteer every other week and then alternates volunteers the other week so that she has a wide range of people to talk to, which she appreciates. She is a very chatty lady who can talk about a wide range of topics, she says she loves having her calls especially with younger volunteers as she feels like she is staying in touch with the world around her.

“As usual I had a lovely chat with Joy, she was extremely excited that the vicar her and a good friend communion.

Typically, with Joy, in good humour she said that she’d insisted on having the first sip of communion wine as she didn’t want to catch anything from her friend”