Friendship Call Participant – Clarissa

Clarrisa is a lovely chatty lady who is quite new to the calls. She was referred to us via Social Prescribing. Upon assessment it became quite apparent that she was very apprehensive about receiving the calls. Further investigation revealed that Clarrisa has had a very tough life and is of ill health herself. On saying this she is so resilient and the reason she was unsure about the calls was due to the fact that she had always been the carer and didn’t know how she was going to cope with the shoe being on the other foot so to speak?

Clarrisa was a foster carer to a disabled youngster and spent much of her life caring for her, she also volunteered and supported others when-ever she could.

Clarrisa has been having the calls for just short of 2 months now, she speaks with regular volunteers and has already built up a fantastic rapport with them. It’s not easy for her but our volunteers know how to get the best out of the recipients and in this case it was about finding things in common. We think the friendships here will go from strength to strength and Clarrisa will slowly accept that this isn’t about giving in and asking for help it’s about enhancing what you have.

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