Friends of Dalton, East Herringthorpe & Thybergh Green Spaces Celebrate the Coronation

Friends of Dalton, East Herringthorpe & Thrybergh have been at it again! This time the group were successful in being awarded the Kings Coronation Grant from Rotherham Council to host a celebratory event alongside the rest of the country in honor of our newly crowned King.

The aim of the grants were to ensure that community groups and organizations can deliver a range of activities for local residents to enjoy and celebrate the Kings Coronation.

Well… Following on from last month’s successful Easter event the DEHT group put together, yet another volunteer led event. It was supported by 4 volunteers who had given up their time not only on the day to make sure that the event ran smoothly on the day but also over the weekend to prepare the neighborhood center with a selection coronation decoration and set the room ready for the big day.

Rotherham Council’s coronation funding was well spent as the event engaged with 55 residents from the immediate and wider area. There was a wide selection of people drawn into the event such as RMBC tenants, families, friends as well as the usual group members. As always everyone attending got to taste the great buffet the group always manage to provide for everyone, if you’ve been to one of their events then you know how good the food is! Accompanying the scrumptious buffet there are always some fun games about for the for children and a variety of raffle prizes for adults. The group managed to raise a huge £505.86 on the day with prizes such as 7 £25, meal for 4 at toby carvery, £50 voucher for windows, car diagnostics free of charge voucher and many more. The group are already in the process of planning a summer event for August. The feedback was positive, and the community is looking forward to the next event.

“Really enjoyed it”

“It was great to share the event with you all.”

“Loved every minute, well done everyone.”

“Well done, 👏great day, you all put a lot of work into it.”