Friends of Dalton, East Herringthorpe and Thrybergh Greenspaces – Easter Event

In a heart-warming display of community spirit, The DEHT group hosted a successful Easter event. The event, run entirely by volunteers, featured an array of exciting activities for children and adults alike, including food, music, raffles and drawing for the children. The event was held in the Warreners Drive Neighbourhood Centre, and it saw a great turnout of people from all over the community. Some of the residents went to Facebook to thank the volunteers for all their hard work and running a great event. “Thank you, Nicola, friends’ family for all the hard work”, “Really enjoyed it, thank you to you all, you’re all super stars”.

The community group managed to raise an impressive £300 from the event, which will go towards funding future community events and initiatives. The group has a long-standing tradition of hosting community events, with successive gatherings held throughout the year. Their dedication and hard work have paid off, as they recently achieved a £500 funding grant from RMBC for the king’s coronation.

Overall, the Easter event was a resounding success, with everyone leaving happy and looking forward to the next community event. It’s heartening to see community groups like this one taking initiative and bringing people together, especially during these trying times. As their attendance numbers continue to grow, the group has even bigger plans on the horizon. On May 7th, they are set to host an all-out celebration in honour of the Kings Coronation.