Event day at Riverside House – Citizen Advice Community Fair

By Martin O’Donoghue, Julie Fletcher and Neelam Rhuksar, Making Our Money Go Further Project Workers

K came to the fair with her partner. Not seeking any particular support and probably feeling a little lost, K just by chance, came to the Making Our Money Go Further (MOMGF) table, we began to chat, and K was quite open about how she was feeling, what was happening in her life, at one point K did get little tearful. On the day she felt very alone, low in mood and isolated with her situation.

K and her partner had been in full time work, but due to a recent illness her partner is unable to return to work. Over the past months K’s partner has been diagnosed with an illness that makes it difficult for him to work. (This is life changing, in itself and brings about many worries). K has been on maternity leave but is not able to go back to work.

Their family’s lives have completely changed. A lot of this is out of the control of K and the future looks bleak, for her and her family. They do not know how they will manage financially.

After having a conversation with K, which involved explaining about MOMFG and passing information on, we discovered that she lived near a library that holds a coffee morning and an open arms event, K did say “if she felt strong enough to come along one morning she would.” 

We directed her to the next stall, who could extend the support she needed. (Cortonwood Comeback Centre).

K won the slow cooker on the day of the event, so we invited her to come along to Greasbrough to the open arms on Thursday 9th March 2023.

K came along and this is what she told us –

“Cortonwood Comeback, have helped. My situation has changed in just a short time, and MOMGF you have helped me so much you have encouraged me to reach out and access other services”
“I am Having hot meals at the centre. “ 
“Been out my own, I Feel more confident, and I am Ready to join in more groups”.
“I Would like to join a make do and mend group or upcycling group”.