Energy Know How – Clifton Learning Partnership Drop-In

Josef attended the Energy Know How Clifton Learning Partnership drop-in session. Lynn enquired whether the client had received his £66 government prepayment meter voucher from his energy provider. The client confirmed that he had tried to cash it in at the post office however his name was spelt incorrect on his voucher and the post office would not redeem the voucher. The client did not speak good English and got frustrated on the phone trying to speak to people. The client had his electricity bill and Lynn offered to contact British Gas to try and help him sort it out. British Gas were happy to speak to her with the clients consent and she managed to log the client’s problem with them. She arranged a further telephone appointment with the client and British Gas requesting an interpreter to help with communication. She also informed verbally and in writing what the client would need to have to hand when British Gas called. The client was very happy with the assistance offered and relieved that this issue would be resolved to enable him to cash his vouchers. The client thanked Lynn for the help offered.