Energy Know How

By Noor Salih, Community Energy Advisor

September has been a busy month for us – from providing advice on the current energy market to ensuring that we hand out our winter warmer packs to our most vulnerable clients across Rotherham. One of our clients is from an active community group, who has had an ongoing complaint with their energy provider about a refund amount and the incorrect information on the bill.

At the community group drop-in session we discussed the complaint process, who OFGEM are and what their rights are as a consumer when making a formal complaint. Our client explained that they have an ongoing complaint within the complaints department over a bill dispute, I showed them how to calculate their bill and went over bank statements to ensure they had received their refund. The refund was received but the bill was showing that our client had also been charged for the refund.

I explained what a ‘customer service failure’ is in the eyes of the Ombudsman and how to speak to their complaint case handler. Our client is now more confident on how to understand their bill, what they are entitled to as a consumer with an ongoing complaint. They received a correct amended bill and got a healthy amount of gesture of goodwill.

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