Elizabeth Parkin TARA

Elizabeth Parkin TARA have gone from strength to strength since they were formed just over a year ago, the group are all residents of the bungalows that surround the centre that came together when lock down was lifted to create the group and host coffee mornings every two weeks, this soon evolved and the group started bingo sessions two days a week, had taster sessions of arts and crafts as well as chair exercise. The chair exercise sessions are designed to help the group with balance and general health while being a fun activity that all participants enjoy.

Over the year the group have become constituted, successfully applied for a bank account this has allowed the group to hold one off events like the jubilee party and their Christmas party both events being well attended by residents.

These sessions were so successful and enjoyed by the group that the group decided they would like to extend the chair exercise classes beyond the trial sessions, working with the group, Nick Harding and ward Cllr’s the group wanted to apply for ward funding to pay for these sessions, I’m pleased to say the group were successful in gaining the funding for this and the new exercise sessions begin on the 9th February and the group are currently looking at working with the collage to have the craft sessions re start in the next few months