Dalton Community Group

by Dan Barron and Sam Dixon, Heart of the Community Project Workers

A plethora of groups have been very busy this December with their festive celebratory activities and events. So, prepare for another Heart of the Community Christmas special good news bonanza.

Dalton Community Group (DCG) created a Christmas lunch for residents free of charge with funding they had received in previous months. The committee hosted this without support and did a fantastic job, all credit goes to those involved. The table was as long as the parish hall and filled with 30 residents from the community. The Christmas songs were loud and freshly cooked chippy lunches were handed out to everyone and enjoyed by all. There were many conversations flowing around the table about Christmas plans. This is an event that represents what DCG are all about; bringing people together to have a good time because they love to do it and always have. The group have been supporting coffee mornings at the Dalton Parish Hall on the 3rd Thursday of every month and will carry on doing these in the new year.