COP-26 Tree Planting with Winterhill School

To help Rotherham show its support for COP26, there were several environmentally friendly campaigns established across the borough. One of which was in partnership with Winterhill School in Kimberworth, where we helped support the tree planting initiative on the local greenspace next to the school.

The green space next to Winterhill school was once a beautiful area of natural scenery for the local community, we at RotherFed are working in partnership with the school on a long-term project to help restore the space to its former glory and beyond. At the tree-planting event earlier this month, a group of school pupils along with ourselves, teachers, and council representatives planted trees to grow in part of the area. In addition, the students were able to carve into a piece of stone which will be used as a decorative piece in the area once work is completed. There are big plans for the space so keep an eye out for new developments in this area! 

The goal overall is to be able to provide a space in Kimberworth for the local community to be proud of and use in their day to day lives, be it for a jog, a picnic, or dog walking! Developing our local greenery is a great way to make our community sparkle and develop pride in our community.

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