A Reason to Like Mondays Summer Social Event

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

Early this month were able to support the A Reason to Like Mondays group to host a Summer Social Event in Clifton Park. The event was being hosted in the summer holidays when the group would not usually be active as children aren’t in school. We had a great turn out of 11 parents and carers and 15 children who had attended on the day.

It was a lovely sunny day in Clifton Park the children were all playing with all the field sports equipment so much so that Claire W had said “we didn’t plan on staying this long but the kids are having fun” and it was the same for other parents too.

The children had not seen some of their friends for a while because of COVID 19 and the event gave them an opportunity to play games, eat some food and speak with their friends. For some of the children this was their first time being back out at an event and it did take them some time to adjust but eventually they joined in with the others.

Claire D said “It’s nice to meet up with the group again to see everyone and to see the kids getting along”. The group are looking into hosting more social events to help promote membership and be bring the group together for outdoor events in future.

Overall it had been a great couple of hours with plenty of food, games, and socialising. Everyone who attended had something positive to say and were happy to feel as though there was some form of normality.

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