Tenant Involvement

By Yasmeen Ali, Community Engagement Officer

I have lived in Rotherham for the most of 35 years. I have got severe arthritis and have been very ill with this. I have been through a lot in my life and was very isolated and depressed and this made me house bound as a result. 

Social isolation and loneliness have an impact upon my life, my quality of life and health and wellbeing. It has an adverse effect on my health.  I have friends within the local area, but I haven’t seen them over 3 years due to the pandemic.  I don’t go out as I don’t feel comfortable or safe, I have little money so can’t afford busses or taxis, the language barrier also makes this difficult as I can’t explain to anyone where I want to be and how much help I need from them to get there.

When Yasmeen contacted me and told me about the session, she was doing at Tassibee, I was very hesitant to go as I have the fear of getting ill from catching covid. I don’t drive and am very scared to get public transport. Yasmeen kindly offered to pick me and drop me back off at home.

I was nervous to go but I can’t thank Yasmeen enough for taking me as I met some lovely ladies and felt part of a group. I also learnt about RotherFed, I didn’t even know it existed. I will benefit from some of the project as I am a single mum and struggle financially due to bills and being on benefits.

Since the session PA has contacted Yasmeen a few times and is looking forward to coming to the next session, she was very thankful and commented by saying “being isolated at home and not going out has really affected my mental health and wellbeing.  I felt at ease when attending the HRA session, I was worried and anxious, beforehand as I haven’t interacted with anyone for such a long time. Yasmeen made sure I was okay and checked upon me, I would like to go again”