Sanctuary Gardens

By Dan Barron & Sam Dixon, Heart of the Community Project Workers

Sanctuary Gardens is a community organisation located in Rotherham Town Centre, with a mission to provide a nurturing environment for people struggling with mental health issues and individuals on their path to recovery. The group has been active for a few years now and has had its share of success and setbacks. One volunteer at the heart of the group is Andy who is filled with a pure passion about the allotment and what it can do to support people with their health and wellbeing.

The group recently was able to resign their constitution and bring in more active volunteers and has new volunteers active on the allotment. These new volunteers have brought in a fresh sense of enthusiasm to the group and have lots of new ideas about how to take the group forward. 

Over the last few months, the group have been working with the Bomer and Kirkland group, a construction company working in Rotherham. Bomer and Kirkland recognise the importance of having a positive impact in the communities they work in and have decided to extend a helping hand to Sanctuary Gardens Allotment Group. They contributed by supplying a new petrol strimmer, outdoor furniture and pledged to build new raised beds for the gardens. This partnership was driven by Bomer and Kirkland’s commitment to social values and corporate responsibility. 

The provision of a new strimmer was a game-changer for Sanctuary Gardens. It significantly eased the maintenance of the site, making it more accessible and welcoming for members. This simple yet impactful contribution from Bomer and Kirkland enabled the group to keep the allotment plot in a better and more manageable condition, providing a tranquil space for individuals seeking solace and mental well-being.

Additionally, the company has pledged to build raised beds for the group that will allow for more diverse plantings, encouraging members to take an active role in gardening. The expansion of planting opportunities will not only support the mental health of the community but also foster a sense of ownership and involvement among members. 

The group have also begun working with the Rotherham in Recovery project funded by Voluntary Action Rotherham. The project supports those in their journey of recovery and has begun creating a network across Rotherham to create a better support network through services and community projects. Rotherham in Recovery are a welcome addition to the Sanctuary group who will be able to benefit from each other.