Open Arms Session at Maltby

By the Open Arms Community Enagement Team

After encountering one of our staff members at his local miners’ welfare club, Tom learned about the vital support services offered by our team at the Maltby Library’s Open Arms session. With plans to relocate to Maltby, Tom faced the daunting task of establishing essential healthcare services in his new community. His physical disabilities and dyslexia added an extra layer of complexity, making the process of filling out forms a daunting challenge. Upon visiting us at the Maltby Library, our team worked closely with Tom to navigate the paperwork, ensuring that he was able to complete all necessary forms accurately and efficiently. Grateful for the swift and uncomplicated support he received, Tom expressed his heartfelt appreciation for our services. With our assistance, Tom is now equipped for success in his new home and life stage in Maltby, setting an example of the positive impact community support can have on individuals in need.