Employment – Machine Operative

By Louise Johnson, Employment Coach

A Client attended our first appointment on 29th July 2019, he had finished work in April 2019 and not received any invites for an interview. He was worried it was because he had a 3 year gap where he was a stay at home parent.

We reframed his CV to focus it on his skills and experience not the gap in work. He was able to find work as a roofer but discovered on his first day he was terrified of heights.

He got in touch and asked if I could help him find a new job. I suggested he attend the jobs fair, which he did. While he was there he was interested in working for a company who attended. I helped him complete his application ensuring he demonstrated his skills and experience which related to the job and we talked about the level of detail needed in his answers if he gained an interview. I then handed in his application to the HR Manager who was my contact at this company.

A week later he was invited to an interview and he was successful. He has recently started as a Machine Operative. This will be a new job role for him but they will train him up and he is excited to start a new career that will support his family!