East Herringthorpe Womens Safety Campaign

October saw the end of the women’s walking sessions and in November we got to take part in a self-defence session.

From the beginning of the project this group has been very hit and miss. There have been a lot of engagement from various sectors of the community, but just never at the same time!

Whilst it has been one of my more difficult projects, it has been so enjoyable! From theological discussions to ranting about the state of the parks due to folks not picking up after their dogs, I think at some point it has all been covered.

As part of the funding that RUCST had secured for this project we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a self-defence session run by the lovely Amy. She taught us the fundamental idea that if you are attacked, you should try and stay calm, defend yourself with minimal yet firm contact, but then try to get yourself away to somewhere safe….. Or basically kick them and run!

This project is being taken forward to Heart of the Community where I will be working with local residents and services to map areas of particular concern and working to try and improve the areas so that vulnerable people feel safer in their community.

As part of the project I have also worked with Cllr Eve Rose, Andrea Mason and Vicky Hilton from Artful to produce some banners, and took part in the Reclaim the Night event held in Rotherham Town Centre. Reclaim the Night is an annual event that takes place to highlight Womens’ safety issues in their communities.

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