Community workshop St Johns Methodist Church Swinton

Wow what a good morning we had, from cake decorating, making a money box, planting a Sunflower seed and much more!

Community skills workshop day came about through networking and attending a coffee morning at the British Legion in Wath. Whilst chatting to many members we were approached by a volunteer, Sallyanne, who was keen to talk about lots of ideas for a group to run at Swinton.

We agreed to meet to discuss her ideas and plan the best way forward, Sallyanne has previously worked with Rotherham Federation who supported her to set up a uniform swap at her local Church. 

On the day of the meeting Sallyanne had a clear vision on how she wants the group to run. After lots of discussion and sharing ideas, we came up with the title.

The aim of the morning was whatever age you are, have little or no skills, or a hobby and live in the local Community you can come along and pick up/learn a new skill with no cost.

On the day all went well and people learnt a new skill or more than one. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and there was a great atmosphere in the hall, it was very relaxed, and nobody felt any pressure to join in.

Tables were set out so you could choose which activity you wanted to take part from cake decorating, planting a sunflower seed, making a money box and much more. The local community were more than happy to share lot of skills and were willing to give up their free time to do so.

Sallyanne and the team had a debrief after the event.

The day did go well, and Sallyanne would like to do another organised event and link it into the uniform swap morning. The idea is that this would target more families who can learn a new skill together.  

We also said a poster drop to local shops would be beneficial due to not everyone using social media.

Sallyanne is aiming for 29th July 2023 Saturday morning. Which will be the start of the uniform swap.

Ideas to include Childrens crafts from household junk (COSTING NO MONEY) to Up cycling ideas.

It was a fanatics morning; Sallyanne is hoping this will carry on for the community with the aim to save money with new skills for all the family.

The good news is – this idea will be rolled out at Kimberworth Salvation Army playgroup this September.