More Voices and Choices

This More Voices and Choices project takes the learning we gained in Phase 1 into four new communities: Dinnington Central, Masborough/Ferham, East Dene and East Herringthorpe. The project started in January 2019 and continues until December 2021.

As with Phase one the project will enable residents to become engaged in local life, have an effective voice and be empowered as a community to influence change in their area. Work in the four areas will include doorstep listening, identifying and bringing together local people to deliver new groups and activities, creating community plans and ultimately leading the changes needed to deliver them.

Those involved will access training, mentoring, encouragement & practical support to be more fully involved in their community including linking into Rotherham Federation’s mainstream activities (e.g. training in running community groups, practical services like book-keeping and DSB checks). Work in each area will differ, depending on local needs. However, we expect activities in all areas to include:

  • actively listen to local people through our Listening proces
  • agree the real causes of local problem
  • support communities to deliver new community activities which meet the needs of local people
  • recruit and support local people to become community volunteers and community leaders
  • volunteer to deliver the new and existing activities local people want and help local groups be more effective.